Sunday, February 21, 2010

Video of "Alice" Cast at Ultimate Fan Event

Here's a video of Tim Burton and the cast of Alice in Wonderland making their big appearance at the Ultimate Fan Event that took place in Los Angeles on Friday, February 19th:


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! It was awesome! I really don't like Hot Topic, but I went for the the cast and crew.

I made 3 costumes and got to SEE Alice in WOnderland!!!! FOR FREE AND TWO WEEKS EARLY!!!

Jack said...

ha ha, aww Tim, i can't tell if he's really excited or really nervous, but i like it!
i wonder which one of them is everyones fav character...hmmm :)

FreddysAprentice said...

I love Tim Burton. Johnny Depps a god too but i just adore tim burton.
I wish i couldve gone...:(

deadhearts666 said...

Wow, that was amazing! Tim is so cute. xD ;D