Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tim Burton vs. the Chesire Cat

Tim Burton explained to the Los Angeles Times that a certain character stirred some strong feelings during the development of Alice in Wonderland -- and not exactly good feelings.

"The Cheshire Cat was a character I had a very specific image of and it's because I just have this thing about cats," Burton said. "The Cheshire Cat taps into what you might call my hatred of cats."'

Stephen Fry -- the acclaimed British author, broadcaster, actor, comedian, and all-around polymath -- lent his voice to the ever-grinning feline.

"Stephen Fry did a great job of getting that creepy quality. You know, this weird kind of floaty, too-focused, creepy -- he did it great. He has this thing of getting up close and just sitting there and staring at you, you know, like a cat. It just kind of sits there."

"I have this thing with cats. And with Cheshire Cat it's a love-hate relationship. You can, uh, hear it in my voice can't you?"

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