Thursday, February 25, 2010

Entertainment Weekly Stars "Alice"

The February 26, 2010 issue of Entertainment Weekly will feature new information on Alice in Wonderland and an exclusive interview with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Look for the one with the Mad Hatter on the cover (of course)!

Here's an excerpt with Depp:

“When we first went in to do the camera tests, I was thinking, ‘They’re going to lose their minds,’” Depp recalls. “But Tim fully supported it. It was a couple of solid hours in the makeup chair everyday but it really helped. You start to understand who the guy is through all that weird kind of Carrot Top kabuki.”

Alice marks Depp’s first foray into the brave new world of 3-D filmmaking, but the actor (who admits he still hasn’t seen Avatar) says he won’t be able to fully appreciate that extra dimension. “I’m actually unable to see 3-D,” he says. “I’ve got a weird thing where I don’t see properly out of my left eye, so I truly can’t see 3-D.” Then again, he never likes watching himself onscreen anyway. “So I have an excuse this time,” he says, laughing.

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