Sunday, April 29, 2007

Helena Bonham-Carter Reveals More Tidbits on "Todd"

A new interview with Helena Bonham-Carter with the Times reveals some little details about the making of Sweeney Todd, as well as her relationship with Tim Burton and their son, Billy Ray:

Monday, April 16, 2007

"Vincent" in 3D and "Sweeney Todd" Release Dates Announced!

The Hollywood Reporter ( has some good news for Burton fans: Not only is The Nightmare Before Christmas going to return to theaters in 3D this fall, but Tim Burton's 1982 stop-motion short film, Vincent, will also be released with it, also in 3D!

For anyone who wants to mark their calendars, some release dates for Tim Burton's next feature film, Sweeney Todd, have been released. ( has said that Sweeney Todd is set for limited release (most likely Los Angeles and New York City) just in time for Christmas, on December 21st, 2007. However, anyone living in the US but not in that area might need to wait until January 11th, 2008 for the wide release of the Sondheim musical's big-screen debut. ( has listed release dates for other countries (however, it is not officially determined if all of these are accurate or not):

Italy 5 September 2007 (Venice Film Festival)
USA 21 December 2007 (limited)
Norway 11 January 2008
USA 11 January 2008
Australia 24 January 2008
Netherlands 24 January 2008
UK 25 January 2008