Tuesday, February 23, 2010

20 Years of Burton and Depp

Alice in Wonderland marks the seventh collaboration of director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp. Their first pairing was for Burton's iconic Edward Scissorhands -- 20 years ago.

MTV News asked the duo about their collaborations and friendship:

"I think we always treat each thing as what the project is," Tim Burton explained, insisting that it isn't simply automatic that any movie he makes star Depp. "[Whether I cast Johnny depends on] what the character is."

"[Just] because you know somebody ... [we don't make movies] just to work with each other, but it has always been great," the filmmaker said of their solid track record. "You want to make sure each thing is on the same level, or better. We always just treat it as what the project is — no pressure either way."

When it came to Alice in Wonderland, Burton did call up Depp. But the actor didn't know exactly what to expect.

"To be honest, when he called I didn't know what character he wanted me to be," Depp admitted of the duo's initial Wonderland conversations. "For all I knew, I could have been Alice — which would have been fine also."

"You would have liked that," Burton teased.

"I was just prepared to do whatever he wanted, whatever character it was," Depp said of their recurring collaborative efforts and what keeps bringing them both back. "Each time out of the gate with Tim, you just try something a little different. You try something and try to keep him interested. You want to try to stimulate the atmosphere."

"Which is great, because that's what movies are all about," Burton explained. "It's fun and interesting to see how his character develops [as we shoot a movie]. How it feeds off of me and the rest of the crew. It's why you like to make movies."

Johnny Depp, age 46, also talked about how his children -- Lily Rose, 10, and Jack, age seven -- respond to Edward Scissorhands.

He said: "It's funny because they've seen it but they have a difficult time watching it because it's their dad and they make that connection, but it's Edward Scissorhands. That's by far my kids' favourite.

"They just connect with the character and also they see something, their dad feeling that isolation, feeling that loneliness. He's a tragic character and so I think it's hard for them.

"They bawl when they see that movie."

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