Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Alice" Theatrical Run Shortened

Disney CEO Bob Iger has decided to cut the theatrical run of Alice in Wonderland by a few weeks, the Hollywood Reporter states.

Normally, movies remain in cinemas for a 16-week run. But the theatrical run for Alice will be truncated to just under 13 weeks.

This experiment might become a growing trend for movies in general. Shortening the theatrical run of films might make home entertainment methods of viewing movies (Video On Demand, DVD, Blu-ray) more successful.

Another benefit would be freeing up the 3D and IMAX movie screens. Alice will be bumping Avatar off the map widely, and the 3D release of Warner Bros' Clash of the Titans (release date April 2nd) will be following Alice.

The abbreviated theatrical run will likely take effect in both the UK and the United States.


Anonymous said...

some cinema chains in UK are threatening to not screen it. Should we protest?

Anonymous said...

Same in the Netherlands. Almost all cinema chains will boycot 'Alice'. Official comment of Dutch Union of Cinema chains is that the cinema's will not have enough time to show the movie before the DVD is released. Disney is breaking the deal with cinema's that they should be able to show a movie 16 weeks.
Disney also shortened the theatrical run of 'Up'.
This sucks...