Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chesire Cat Clip

A new clip from Alice in Wonderland -- The Chesire Cat:


Rajko Burchardt said...

First: i want to thank you for blogging all these Alice news during the last months.

After watching the film two days ago i am still very disappointed. It's not a second PLANET OF THE APES, but it's too much Disney and not enough Burton.

The variety review by Todd McCarthy says it all - unfortunately.

But Burton is, of course, still the greatest director alive. :)

Anonymous said...

Because of this clip I have a new found respect for Stephen Fry.

deadhearts666 said...

It was all Tim Burton really the movie itself, it was just genius! But i do agreen on you there about the "Burton is, of course, still the greatest director alive.:)" I think that is going to be my twitter quote by Rajko Burchardt. :) That was just awesome.