Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spanish "Alice" Trailer

Check out the Spanish language version of the Alice in Wonderland teaser trailer. The ending features different footage from the English one. Anyone know what the Mad Hatter is saying?:


burton said...

Alice says: This is impossible!
And the mad hatter: Only if you think it is.

Fuzzy Duck said...

^Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is also the UK version of the movie. This was on a Johnny Depp site.

Two Alice Trailers spot the differences between the two @ @

Anonymous said...

Actually it's "only if you BELIEVE it is"

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm Spanish and it's difficult to translate that, so I'll do it so good as I can.

-There exists a different place from any other one. A country of marvels of mysteries and of dangers. They say that to survive in it is necessary to be so mad as a hat mad hatter. Thankfully, I it am. " Alicia, you are late, did you know them? Naughty "
This is impossible.(Alice)
Only if you believe it.(Mad Hatter)-

Hope that you estimate it!