Friday, July 24, 2009

Coverage of Burton Q&A at Comic-Con

/Film has reported on the Q&A with Tim Burton following the showing of the teaser trailer of Alice in Wonderland at Comic-Con:

"In the Q&A, Burton mentioned that it was very difficult for him to get used to shooting with green screen. He mentioned that he stuck to a fast and involved method of shooting with his actors to help maintain a sense of reality. Burton also mentioned that they didn’t use much motion capturing in the film—instead, they stuck to animating the digital characters by hand. Overall, he felt the most difficult aspect of making this film is the process he’s currently stuck in, editing and putting together all of the many pieces of the film.

"In contrast to many other Alice adaptations, Burton mentioned that the film will utilize elements from the two Alice books (Alice in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass), as well as reference smaller material found within those books such as the poem Jabberywocky.

"Towards the end of the panel, Burton unveiled Johnny Depp as a surprise guest. He didn’t stick around for too long, but did reveal that he unfortunately can’t see films in 3D, so he’ll probably never get to experience this film fully."

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