Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Burton Retrospective Leaves MoMA, Heads to Melbourne

Yesterday, the massive retrospective "Tim Burton" ended its five-month run at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

During the run of the show, which opened on November 22th, 2009, and closed on Monday, 810,500 visitors came to see an enormous range of artifacts, from movie props and conceptual illustrations to paintings and sculptures from the filmmaker's personal archives to rare films that Burton made as a teenager.

Burton's retrospective was the third most successful of its kind in the history of the MoMA. Pablo Picasso, whose 1980 retrospective at MoMA remains the museum's most popular to this day(with 976,800 visitors), and Henri Matisse, whose 1992 retrospective is still the runner-up (with 940,000).

For those of you who missed it in the United States, the Tim Burton exhibition will be at the Australian Center for the Moving Image in Melbourne from June 24th through October 10th, and at the Bell Lightbox in Toronto from November 26th through April 17th, 2011.

Photo Credit: Marilyn K. Yee/The New York Times.


Dani said...

What about Brazil? do u have any news?

Fuzzy Duck said...

Dani: No news regarding Brazil. In fact, the retrospective will only visit three or four locations around the world. (A fourth destination has not been announced yet.)

deadhearts666 said...

Wow, third in history! Wow, that’s huge! That’s great news. I wish I could have went to see the behind the scenes with his movies and never before seen footage plus numerous original art pieces. Congrats to Tim! :)

Mariana said...


I was happy for Tim to come to Brazil!!!

Moo said...

I can't believe I never got to see it while it was here in the US. x( I begged my parents, but a plane ticket all the way to NY is too expensive. -_-" Ah well. Maybe I can hitch a cloud to Australia? ;D

AiW comes out June first?! Oh my gosh, I cannot WAIT! :D :D :D I'll be that person at the movie store at midnight that attacks the employees for the first copy. xD

Ruby said...

i saw this exhibition in melbourne! flew all the way there from my home and spent over two hours poring over all the artworks! it was amazing, i wish i could go again!