Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Video: Elfman's 90 Minute "Dark Shadows" Q&A

Danny Elfman sat down for a 90-minute-long Q&A session in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Elfman comes on stage at about 16 minutes in. The composer was greeted by many fans, and discussed Dark Shadows and more, including how Johnny Depp used to steal guitar picks from him, the falling-out he and Tim Burton had that nearly destroyed their relationship, movie genres that he can't stand to compose for, the easiest and most difficult scores he has composed for Burton, the forthcoming Frankenweenie, among numerous other topics:

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Jack said...

this is wonderful. i listened to how he tucked his 7 year old into bed and I just went, "Awww!"
It's weird how we look up to Elfman and Burton (all celebrities really) as being "gods" like the one guy said about the Simpsons theme and just the most simplest, everyday stuff they do and talk about just amazes us (well me anyway) yet they're just regular people like you and I.