Friday, May 04, 2012

Burton on "Batman" Movies, Michelle Pfeiffer

With Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises coming to theaters this summer, Tim Burton was asked to compare his two Batman movies with this new generation of films.

"I always get told that my material is dark," the filmmaker said, "but nowadays my version of Batman looks like a lighthearted romp in comparison to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight."

Burton also talked about collaborating with Michelle Pfeiffer on Batman Returns in 1992, with much praise. "For me, her version of Catwoman was one of my favorite performances on any movie I had worked on," Burton stated. "I remember how she impressed me by letting a live bird fly out of her mouth, learning how to use a whip and dancing around on rooftops with high-heeled shoes on. She did all that stuff for real."

Burton and Pfeiffer are working together for the first time in two decades with their latest project, Dark Shadows. "I hadn't really talked to her for about 20 years, and she called before I had started working on Dark Shadows, and she told me how much she loved the old TV series and she wanted to be involved."

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