Friday, April 27, 2012

Video: Burton Didn't Consider "Dark Shadows" a Comedy

In an interview with MTV News, Tim Burton explained the recent reactions to the trailer for Dark Shadows. He expressed that he didn't consider the film to be just a goofy comedy. "Everything that's in [the trailer] is in the movie," Burton told MTV News. "It's a funny film for me, because I never considered it a comedy. I was always trying to capture the weird vibe of 'Dark Shadows,' which is a weird thing to try to capture. It was a weird daytime soap opera."

"It's not like I'm being campy with it or anything," Burton said. "The guy's been locked in a box for 200 years, and [when] he comes out ... something weird is going to happen."

Burton also talked about the interviewer's comparisons to Edward Scissorhands. "Edward Scissorhands was more of a naive character. Barnabas has been around the block a few times," Burton told MTV News with a laugh. "There is something about a character who doesn't quite fit into the world, which is similar, just in this case, he's been around a long time."

He also briefly responds to questions regarding a sequel to Beetlejuice, and whether or not he would make another Batman or Pee-wee movie. "I think I have enough on my plate," the very busy filmmaker replied.

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