Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Alice": Behind-the-Scenes Image Galleries and Video

Times Online released their second series of exclusive Alice in Wonderland behind-the-scenes material.

Click here to see a short video with footage from the movie and input from Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, producer Suzanne Todd and senior visual effects supervisor Ken Ralston.

UPDATE: The video is now on YouTube:

Also from Times Online are these images that demonstrate the evolution of a few of the many wild characters of Underland, from sketches and illustrations by Tim Burton and Michael Kutsche to their final rendered, costumed, and realized forms. (Captions in quotes are directly from the Times Online galleries. Potential spoilers have been omitted in this article. Go to the original galleries to learn more about the characters, their relationships, and the storyline of the film.):

"The first animated character Alice encounters is the White Rabbit. Here, a storyboard sketch is done as the first step in creating the scene in the film."

"The artists at Imageworks create a low-resolution version of the CG character and place it in the CG environment - low-res allows the animators speed and flexibility while working on the scene."

"Once the character animation is completed, a high-res version of White Rabbit’s performance is checked on a more detailed model called a pit render."

"The performance approved, the Rabbit gets his fur and clothing. There are complex programs designed to make hair, fur and fabric move and behave as realistically as possible."

"This scene shot shows the final product, with all of the high-resolution elements including a furry and clothed Rabbit, his computer-generated surroundings, the matte painting background, the effects of moving leaves - all lit and textured. Elements are combined by a compositor."

"Here is the White Rabbit as illustrated by Michael Kutsche."

"Knave of Hearts sketch by Tim Burton."

"Knave of Hearts illustration by Michael Kutsche."

"The final product: Ilosovic Stayne, The Knave of Hearts, in the film," played by Crispin Glover.

"Red Queen sketch by Tim Burton."

"The final product: Helena Bonham Carter is the tyrannical monarch of Underland. With her oversized head, fiery temper and propensity to scream for people’s heads to be chopped off, she rules her subjects through fear."

"The iconic shot of Alice’s first meeting with the Cheshire Cat, who’s grinning at her from his tree limb, begins with what’s similar to a storyboard sketch, using an assemblage of low-resolution character stills."

"The scene moves to animation, where the character is dropped into a low-resolution environment: the images are kept low-res to allow Imageworks’ animators to create the Cat’s performance without having a lot of data to manipulate."

"The biggest challenge is to create a realistic cat that can generate the trademark exaggerated grin. Here, the all-important hair has been added, ensuring it behaves as it should, where it should be, with the Cat now curled on his limb."

"Here, final lighting is added, along with a full-resolution environment behind the Cat, including the flora and atmosphere added for visual effect."

All images are courtesy of Disney Enterprises.


Anonymous said...

That Red Queen sketch looks like one of the Martians with that massive head of hair! And are those frog waiters? Ok, I actually am finally warming to this movie and getting excited for March 4!

Anonymous said...

The White Queen photo looks more futuristic than the others. I wonder how much of it will turn out to be science fiction.