Monday, November 02, 2009

Burton, Depp Attend White House Halloween Festivities

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp were among the special attendees at the White House's big Halloween festival for children from Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia schools this year. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michele Obama and many others handed out candy to over 2,600 trick-or-treaters. Burton and Depp were among several celebrities who attended for various charities. The event was partly aimed at honoring military families.

No photos of Depp or Burton are available, but check out a few from the party below:


Matt said...

SURPRISE!!! I hope this isn't old news! :\

- Matty

Anonymous said...

And we will see a new full lenght trailer on monday!!!!!!!!
With the caterpillar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuzzy Duck said...

^Where did you hear about the new trailer?