Friday, August 14, 2009

"Alice in Wonderland" Books Coming

Two books are coming out in relation to Tim Burton's cinematic adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic fantasy: a visual companion by Mark Salisbury and a novelization of the film by T. T. Sutherland.

There is no cover art for either Alice in Wonderland books yet, but you can preorder them on The novelization will be available on Feburary 2nd, 2010 and the visual companion on March 2nd. (You can also buy the two together on Amazon.)

Mark Salisbury has chronicled the life and films of Tim Burton extensively. He is the editor of the definitive Tim Burton interview book Burton on Burton, and the author of the visual companions for Burton's Planet of the Apes, Corpse Bride, and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.


Anonymous said...

We get new footage at Sept. 10-13.

Anonymous said...

So I was looking on IMDB and saw that TIm Burton is producing an adaption of 1984? Look under 'In Development' Any news on this?

Fuzzy Duck said...

^I have only read this on IMDb. It's been there for a little while, and yet there's been no updates from anywhere online since. At best, he's probably just attached as one of a few directors who are being considered for the job.

Matt said...

Alice in Wonderland will be featured at D23 this Sept!