Monday, October 20, 2008

Johnny Depp Eats His Hat

Tim Burton talks about his working with Johnny Depp, including their forthcoming collaboration in Alice in Wonderland:

"Nobody plays oddballs better than Johnny and he's loving playing this one.

"He doesn't like to be the same way twice. That's good. It always keeps it fresh and all. He likes the material we have here and he gets it.

"It's nice to have people involved that are fans of the material.

"He actually ate his hat the other day. No word of a lie. He just bit into the brim and chewed."

Depp will, appropriately, be playing the Mad Hatter.


Redfox said...

I wonder if he eats wool.... then he is banned from anywhere near my workshop thats for sure!

michelle said...

hee hee he ate his hat.
I can't wait for this movie btw while all my friends are waiting and dying to see the twilight movie. I'm counting the days and the years till Tim's Alice in Wonderland!