Friday, November 30, 2012

New Poll: Which 2012 Burton Movies Did You See?

We have a new poll for you to vote in! Our question: "Which 2012 Tim Burton Movies Did You See?" This question is multiple choice, just in case you want to add a Burton movie that, for example, you might catch in theaters or on DVD in the near future while this poll is still open.

Our options are:

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Dark Shadows


Feel free to tell us more in the comments section below! We look forward to the results.

Also, here are the results from our previous poll, which asked: "ARE YOU EXCITED FOR KAREN O'S SONG FOR FRANKENWEENIE?" 197 people voted total.

32 people (16%) said, "Yes! I am a fan of Karen O and I'm excited for this song."

26 people (13%) said, "Yes. It's nice to have some songs during the end credits instead of film score."

12 people (6%) said, "Yes. I've changed my mind since hearing the song."

4 people (2%) said, "No. I've changed my mind since hearing the song."

93 people (47%) said, "No. I prefer to hear Danny Elfman's music during the end credits."

5 people (2%) said, "No. I am not a fan of Karen O's music."

25 people (12%) said, "I have no opinion on the matter."


Kaitlin Michelle said...

I saw all three!

Sergio Bastidas. said...

I saw all three movies. But his best film was Frankenweenie! Everything from the animation to the music was brilliant! Best film I've seen in a while!

Anonymous said...

Frankenweenie, unfortunately, was the only one I saw in theaters. I still haven't seen the other two at all. However, I was extremely impressed with Frankenweenie, it was absolutely visually striking, of course. The plot line, though, was truly exceptional. I think it was loads, and loads better than Corpse Bride, plot wise.