Monday, June 25, 2012

Photos: Four New "Dark Shadows" Portraits

Dark Shadows News has posted four previously unseen Dark Shadows portraits, featuring Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Bella Heathcoate, and Helena Bonham Carter. Click the images below to enlarge them:

Images © Warner Bros. Entertainment Ltd.

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Brian said...

These are large format Polaroid pictures. The streaking pattern at the top of the pictures is what gives them away as large format Polaroid. The cameras require a crew of people to operate - they're supposedly about 300 lbs. Anyone who's been to the touring Tim Burton art exhibition will have seen some of his large format Polaroid pieces from a series he did in the early 90's - pictures of Lisa Marie covered in plastic spider webs and stuff. I've only seen a handful of the pictures from that series. I think they were briefly exhibited in 93 or 94. I've been hoping since then that he'd eventually print the photos from that series in a book or something, but it never happened. A couple of them are in The Art of Tim Burton - I think they're the same ones that are in the touring exhibit.