Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rufus Sewell on "Vampire" Role

Actor Rufus Sewell stated that he had "tremendous fun" playing the head vampire in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, reports the Press Association. The British actor also seemed to find the portrayl of vampires to be very refreshing. "I think the tide's probably going to turn, but what's good about the vampires I'm playing is, it 'aint Twilight!"

He added, "When these people turn they're nasty. It's not pretty We're not glittery teenagers. It's a lot more like vampires used to be but worse."

Sewell continued: "It was tremendous fun. I'm surprised I've never played one before; it feels like I have; people assume that I have, but it's the first time. So it's nice to become the president of the vampires, which I feel I'm playing in this. I had a whale of a time."

However, the actor did lament that he fears being typecast as creepy villains. He said: "It gets a bit annoying sometimes. I'm not always the bad guy, but it tends to be in the bigger films, so I'm quite happy to be on television and in theatre where I can play a bigger range.

"Because when the big movies come along, if I want to be in them, normally I have to be a bit of a git. I'm hoping that will one day change, it might not, but yeah, it gets a bit boring."

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