Wednesday, February 08, 2012

New Action-Packed Images from "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"

USA Today provides six more action-packed images from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Producer Jim Lemley also provides some information on the upcoming film, but beware of a few SPOILERS:

"Norman Rockwell in 1965 did a painting called Lincoln the Railsplitter," says producer Jim Lemley. "He's in his prime, about 30 years old, with an ax. It's an amazing painting and exactly what we had in mind. And Benjamin [Walker, who plays Lincoln] had that. "

"Our vampires are the core manifestation of evil," says producer Lemley. "If they are left unchecked, it will result in the destruction of humanity. Our bad guys are bad." Yet one of the undead decides to assist Lincoln in his hunt for these vicious monsters: Henry Sturges, played by British actor Dominic Cooper. "He vows to help human beings in their struggle."

Above: Vampires played by Erin Wasson and Rufus Sewell. "These are not party-all-night vampires," producer Lemley explains. "They work all day to exploit humanity."

While not exactly the same high-flying combat style of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the clashes in Vampire Hunter do contain a fantastical element. "But it has a groundedness," producer Lemley says. As superheroes go, "Lincoln is probably more Batman than Superman."

Lincoln learned to use his weapon of choice by splitting rails and chopping trees. "His father was a woodsman, so he grew up knowing how to handle an ax," producer Lemley says. But his instrument of destruction is not just any old battle ax. "Like Batman's weapons have special features, his is customized."

Images courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Stephen Vaughan.

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