Tuesday, February 07, 2012

New Photos, Info from "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"

Entertainment Weekly has provided us with several new images and new information on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which comes to theaters on June 22nd.

“It’s not a sermon in any way, but it is interesting to look at vampires as the all-encompassing, unspeakable, unknowable evil,” says Benjamin Walker, who stars as axe-wielding Honest Abe. “This evil moves among us, and maybe lives next door. It’s an ideology that we don’t fully understand, but they live by it.”

But Walker explained that, of course, the film is just a bit of fun. “The joke is in the title, and then we fully commit to it,” says Walker.

“It’s told through the structure of Lincoln’s actual life. You not only see these huge fight scenes and great moments of drama, but you get sort of the greatest hits of Lincoln’s life, from the mysterious death of his mother through the Gettysburg address, says Walker. “You get a portrait of this man, as well as a thriller.”

Rufus Sewell and Erin Wasson play vampires in the film.

Walker says Lincoln is ripe for spoof precisely because he is so universally beloved. “His legacy is safe. It’s something we all agree on and we’re all proud of as Americans,” the actor says. “Once you know that, nobody’s going to actually get hurt. We all do idolize him. We do look for qualities he exemplified and try to emulate that in our lives. Nobody gets their feelings hurt because we know who he was. If you throw vampires into the mix, it’s just another way to see someone we already think of as a hero be heroic.”

Plus, Lincoln was known to have a great sense of humor himself. “When he was a lawyer, going on the road, staying up late nights with legislators and businessmen in taverns, he was the life of the party; a very exciting and entertaining man in his own right,” Walker says. “I think he’d love our movie.”

You can learn more information (with some SPOILERS) about the film's story in the original article.

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