Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Original Cast to Appear in "Dark Shadows"

Dread Central reports that the Comic-Con panel for the cult television soap series, Dark Shadows, had some interesting bits of information about the forthcoming feature film adaptation. Hermes Press hosted a Dark Shadows panel with Lara Parker (who played "Angelique" in the TV show), Kathryn Leigh Scott ("Maggie Evans" and "Josette du Pres"), and Jim Pierson (consulting producer for the new Dark Shadows film).

Parker and Scott were extremely excited to share the news that they, along with both David Selby ("Quentin Collins") and Jonathan Frid (the leading vampire "Barnabas Collins") spent three days at Pinewood Studios during the filming of Tim Burton's upcoming Dark Shadows movie. The former cast members also spoke very highly of Johnny Depp, star of the new film and a longtime fan of the original TV series, who greatly admired the four actors being on set. The icing on the cake was Depp telling Frid in person, "None of this would be here if it wasn't for you."

Scott went on the clarify that the new film will not be concerned with being a straight homage for hardcore fans, but "so inclusive", and she believes Burton's vision is not reverential, just "a damn good movie." She and Parker also mentioned how Michelle Pfieffer and Helena Bonham Carter had become hooked on the series. Originally Bonham Carter wanted to play Angelique but now loves being Dr. Julia Hoffman - she's "eating it up!"

Jim Pierson officially confirmed that Danny Elfman will be the composer of the film's score. While the score will be original, Pierson stated that Elfman may also incorporate musical elements of Bob Cobert's original TV theme.

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