Thursday, November 25, 2010

No 'Alice' Sequel for Burton

Although the film was a massive success (making over $1 billion at the worldwide box office), Tim Burton said that he will not be making a sequel based on Alice in Wonderland, says

Burton has only done one sequel before, and that was Batman Returns after Batman. Even though he enjoyed making Batman Returns more than the original, Burton has said that he generally does not like making sequels. "That's what the material does, it leaves it open for you," he said about the ending. "It's kind of like dreams. It leaves it open, as it should, for interpretation."

The director said that some stories simply don't need second installments. "I got a lot of pressure to do a sequel to 'Nightmare Before Christmas,' and I just didn't want to do that, because some movies should just be left alone. I think it keeps their kind of spirit intact in a way."

Fortunately, Disney did not pressure Burton to make a sequel to Alice. "That was smart of them. They saw that it was kind of its own thing," he explained. "They didn't push for it at all, which I thought was really amazing, and smart, and right."


Jack said...

Disney didn't pressure Burton into doing a sequel, but they sure do pressure themselves into making a sequel to every other one of their flippin movies!

Alex said...

@ Jack lol too true. But I'm glad there won't be another Alice, cos it's true what he said about leaving it somewhat open-ended. Plus I think it's one of his weaker films, I'd rather see Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian or Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator before Alice Returns to Wonderland lol.