Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zanuck Explains "Dark Shadows" Delays

For anyone wondering about the status of Tim Burton's adaptation of Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp, producer Richard D. Zanuck has some answers.

"That is still in the works but it's been delayed a bit," Zanuck confirmed. "We expected to do it much earlier, actually before Alice was finished. We must have been intoxicated when we thought that Tim could direct this picture while he was doing the post-production of Alice. Most of the post-production on Alice was done on computers and there were months and months of down time. At one point we thought that we could make it then and then we realized right away that Tim couldn't do it. Then that put it behind a couple of pictures that Johnny had lined up and right now we're waiting for him to finish The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and then he is going to take some time off and then do Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides next," explained Zanuck.

"It's unlikely, while everybody intends to make the picture, and we're still working on the script and all the rest, it's unlikely that we can start it earlier than the beginning of next year," he continued. "Johnny had committed and he has to do Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides first. He had a long-standing, firm, unchangeable contract to do that. That's a big project and he doesn't start that until later in the summer. So there you have it and we're waiting in line."

But Zanuck insisted that the film was "still very much alive," and Johnny Depp, a huge Dark Shadows fan, will be playing the lead, Barnabas Collins.

"But one of the problems we've had with the script is that there are hundreds of episodes of this and boiling it down to an hour and a half or two hour movie with one story has been a real challenge and that's what we are doing now. But it will have all of the elements of the TV show. It won't be high camp, obviously. It won't be soap opera, which the show was. No, it will be scary, it'll be very funny and it will carry the Tim Burton stamp of uniqueness," confirmed Zanuck.

So Dark Shadows still remains in development, but on its way.


Matt said...


Looks like he is going back to Mai the Psychic Girl!

- Matty

Fuzzy Duck said...

Hey Matt,

Yeah, I read about that. But everyone is citing that one Latino Review source, and he doesn't have a very credible track record, apparently. I considered writing up a story on "Mai" for the TBC News, but I think I'll wait until more details come up. But it is intriguing.

Matt said...

Ok, cool! Keep me updated, kay?

Fuzzy Duck said...

As always. :)