Friday, March 19, 2010

Burton Denies "Addams Family" Report

There has been a lot of talk of Tim Burton approaching various film projects, either as a director or producer. The latest of these reports were of Burton directing a 3D, stop-motion adaptation of The Addams Family.

MTV News decided to reach out to Burton's people, but they stated the following after directly contacting the filmmaker:

"There is no truth to the story. Tim has not lined up any of his upcoming projects."

Perhaps Burton was merely pitched by the studio as a possible candidate to direct a new version of The Addams Family. But for now, nothing official has been made, and there is no substance to the claims.


deadhearts666 said...

Hmmm, intresting...i would love to see him do The Addams Family movie. That would be great...or even if he did a Munster movie would be really neat too.

Anonymous said...

Buuuu! I was looking forward to see the legendary Addams family in Tim Burton`s style!

Matt said...

This will make things better! New Frankenweenie News!!! :D