Saturday, December 06, 2008

Rickman Talks "Alice"

Alan Rickman recently talked about his contribution to the upcoming Alice in Wonderland. Rickman also discusses his work in the new "Harry Potter" movies, which can be read in the full article here:

Alan Rickman, who plays Caterpillar in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, told a group of reporters that he has recorded his voice role and awaits the completed animation. The caterpillar will have the face of Rickman to go along with his voice.

"I don't know what it looks like," Rickman said in a group interview on Dec. 2 in Culver City, Calif., where he was promoting the film Nobel Son. "I've only done the first stage of it, which is them recording me saying these lines, quite badly. Then somewhere down the line, they'll have animated it, and I'll redo it. I'm a voice, but I have been filmed, because it's my face which will be on the end of something that will be the caterpillar."

While Caterpillar is an animated character, some actors are performing motion capture and others will appear in live action. The lines blur as even some live actors will have CGI additions. Rickman observed some of his costars when he was on stage.

"I saw Helena [Bonham Carter] and Crispin Glover yesterday," Rickman said. "They're a mixture of the two, actually, because there's Helena in a costume and in makeup, but her head is going to be made three times bigger than it actually is on top of the costume. I think they're all just blinded by the color green. It must be quite something to be surrounded by that much violent green all day long, but the costumes, one or two I saw, are incredible. I'm sure it'll be visual genius again."


Anonymous said...

Martin Short's head was also three times entlarged in the 1999 tv version from Nick Willing.
He played the Mad Hatter.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it'll look pretty cool after the special effects are complete. Her wig is made up of hundreds of tiny little red hearts and it's parted in the middle so that it gives her whole head the shape of a heart. Her face is also shaped like a heart. As well as the way her lipstick is applied, including the shape of her crown. In fact everything in her Kingdom is shaped like a heart. Even the axe that they chop off people's heads with. At one point she even wears a swan for a hat, which the Mad Hatter makes for her--since he's the hat maker of Wonderland.

Anonymous said...

Oh really, this sounds so exiting!!!
Do you saw the set or the costumes?!
Please tell me more!!!
It sounds so interesting!!!
I ca'nt wait for this fabulous movie!!!!

Mad Hatter said...

Oh please tell me more about that!!!
Do you read the script?!
Thank you very much for this information!!!!!!!

Jabberwocky said...

And how would Anne Hathaway look like?? She said, she will look like "a bunny holding a knife"...
What does that meaning???

Wonderlandfan said...

A swan for a hat??
How does this looks like??
Is the swan real or animated??