Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hundreds Gather for Big-Screen Debut in "Wonderland"

Casting director Ilenka Jelowicki and her crew are looking for 250 extras for the forthcoming Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland. Not surprisingly, hundreds of hopefuls gathered on Wednesday, August 6th, and endured hours in a long line and the pouring rain in Plymouth, England, long before Ms. Jelowicki and the casting agents began looking at potential cast members at 10:00 am at the New Continental Hotel.

25-year-old musician and actor Andrew Lessiter, a citizen of Plymouth, was the first to arrive for auditions -- at 2:00 am.

"I'm a real film buff and just to be involved in any way in a Tim Burton film would be a huge honor," said Lessiter.

Claire Trigger: "I'd make a good card, but I'd even lay on the floor
and play a dead rabbit if they asked me."

Hopeful people ranged from age 16 to well past 70, and ranged from school teachers, drama students, engineers, decorators, shop assistants, phlebotomists, and grandmothers, to name a few.

But despite their star-struck enthusiasm, Ilenka Jelowicki warned that it isn't all fun and games on a movie set. "When you get local people involved, they really give a lot of effort to the picture and their enthusiasm really counts," she said. "But it can be a long day being on set for 12 to 14 hours a day."

Nik Brookson arrived in Victorian era costume.

Plenty more hopefuls will arrive tomorrow for a chance to be in the phantasmagorical movie.

Filming begins in Plymouth next month.


westcountry talent said...

The auditions held at Plymouth was a sham by Mad Dog castings. It was a joke. I phoned Mad Dog and questioned them over what was going on at the hotel. I was told that the blonde woman who went along the line, never looked at the people saying yes and no did not work for Mad Dog. Yet she was the woman walking down the line and saying yes of no without looking at them. If you said oh go on, then she changed her mind and let you in. So many talented from Plymouth did not even get past the front door. It was as if the woman was told to get rid of the people in line. It was disgusting. loads of plymouth talent up coming actors did not get a look in. the whole casting was done very un-professionally and I have written to Mr Burton and My Depp,as i feel as parts of this film is going to be shot in Plymouth, then it was fare for Mad Dog to give people time to audition but that was not so. Im sure Mr burton paid alot for Mad Dog to do a professinal job and would like a refund. As i feel anyone can walk along a line and pick 250 people. Mad Dog, you let Mr Burton down, Mr Depp down and the people in Plymouth. Shame on you.

Redfox said...

hmm. well, I cant say. I am nowhere.