Friday, August 01, 2008

Casting and Location Scouts in Plymouth Next Week

While the film's title was not officially announced, it appears that a certain Disney cinematic adaptation of a certain Lewis Carroll novel will be at least partially filmed in a certain South West England city called Plymouth, a certain news agency called the BBC News stated. In addition to looking for prime Victorian era shooting locations, the casting director of Alice in Wonderland (crap!--wasn't meant to say that!), Ilenka Jelowicki, said that casting agents are looking for people to be extras in the fantasy film, which will apparently be directed by a certain Tim Burton.

Auditions will take place at the New Continental Hotel in Plymouth, on Wednesday, August 6th and Thursday, August 7th, between 10 am and 6 pm. Eventually, the casting agents will select 250 extras, who will be paid.

Ms. Jelowicki went into more detail: "We are looking for people above the age of 16 who have naturally coloured hair.

"We would prefer girls with long hair and men with natural styles. Extras will get to dress up in Victorian period costume, corsets and wigs and will have their make-up done.

"We would also like people whose work allows the flexibility of two weeks' worth of filming."

Locations for filming are being tightly kept under-wraps, but Plymouth clearly drew appeal to the filmmakers for its notable Victorian era look and aesthetics. Shooting will take place in the city in September for two weeks. has announced that Alice will be released in theaters on March 5th, 2010.

In related news, websites across the Internet still can't stop yammering about a rumor that Johnny Depp will be playing the Mad Hatter, despite the fact that there is no official or credible source to take account for this claim. We will have to wait to see if this is true or not. However, we do know that Mia Wasikowska is in talks with Disney to play the lead role of Alice.


Anonymous said...

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With all due respect,

The Creator of the Group.

P.S. If the head of the "Tim Burton Collective" website could post this on their website, I would really love that (I need members!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, it seems that I could be an extra in this film (almost 17, long hair, natural colored)! But the bad thing is that I'm not in England.

deppthinker said...

Johnny as the Mad Hatter. Ah ha ha ! What a delicious thought...but I seriously doubt it. Far too predictable .

Jack said...

"ah, i hope Danny does the music. I can see his tunes working well with an Alice theme.
Depp should play the mad hatter, ha ha, how kick ass would that be?"

Anonymous said...

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