Monday, September 26, 2005

Corpse Bride weekend box office and review

According to estimates from Box Office Mojo, Corpse Bride earned approximately $20.1 million its first weekend in wide release. While that meant it was in second place behind the Jodie Foster film Flightplan, it's still a promising start for the film. In fact, it was the biggest opening ever for a stop motion animated film. So much for the claim that it's a dying artform.
We also have the official Collective review of the film for you to read.


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised this movie did so well. It was amazing. I can't wait to see it again. I've waited so long for this movie to come out and it was worth it. I absolutely loved it.

Bill said...

I coudn't have said it better. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride was one of the best films i've seen in a long time. I'll try to raise the money count even more. I absolutly thought the songs were great. Bonejangle's song about Corpse Bride was one of the best moments. Not bad for a fan who hasn't seen The Nightmare Before Christmas.
It was a great acheivement and a great film. Thanks Tim!

Jack said...

I have to go see it a second time, no matter what. This is the best movie ever! I can't wait till it comes out on DVD, it is going to be so awesome.

Anonymous said...

corpse bride...
is my least tim burton film... second least favorite...
big fish...fourth least favorite...
tim burton is going

Iphigenie said...

Well, Anonymous, it's all a matter of opinion, isn't it? Personally, I don't think he's going uphill *or* downhill. In fact, I was pleased with all of those movies you listed. I mean, I can understand disliking Charlie, and I suppose I can see flaws in Big Fish. What did you dislike about The Corpse Bride, though? Give us some more feedback other than "corpse my least tim burton film..."
That statement leaves a lot to be desired on several levels.

wombstar said...

its always the case... as a rule fans will always compare the new stuff towards the older stuff.. which appears to be better because that was the material you fell in love with.. and now its feels like its getting alittle thin?
its less to with Burton getting worse and more to do with those fans growing away.

But i feel both CATCF and BF are brilliant movies.. just as good as Tim has ever done.. just as crazy, and wild. while I'm in the uk so I'm still haven't seen Corpse bride i doubt it will disappoint.
i mean Tim has pretty much full control over CB so if you didn't like this then that doesn't say much for Burton's artist imagination as a rule does it?

And Character development is a problem in all Burton's movies.. because they work on an emotional level.. i thought most had accepted that with his work,,

Bill said...

Your'e absolultly right. I personally think there isn't a problem at all with Tim's films. Can anyone tell me what Tim's next film will be after Corpse Bride? I personally have an idea for a film that he could direct next.

Anonymous said...

yeah so I thought Corpse Bride was ammmaazzzinnng

vincentvanghoul said...

Personally, I'm in love with this movie. It was beautiful not only on an aesthetic level, but on an emotional level as well. It was truly touching. Not only did it meet my expectations but it exceded them in every way. I'd have to say that it's Tim's best since Nightmare.

Rain Sparrow said...

I went and saw this weekend and the bride has the same name as me! I get to see it again this afternoon, and I painted the other side of my Jack Skellington Purse. I had asked before about the contest, if the shirt was going to be for sell even if we don't win. Does any one know if that is possible? Please let me know!( and, if I get the pic up in time, I can be in the conest!)

Anonymous said...

I loved the film....It is great to see him back at stop go animation...I hope there will be more to come from tim...maybe even a 'Real" website...I also think a Nightmare before xmas 2 would be a great addition to his movies...anyway GREAT work...!! I Love the gothic morbid touch to all his work..its amazing and fresh..!!!

Crystal said...

Wow What a new start for Tim, a little like The Nightmare Before Christmas but not quite. The Corpse Bride had it's own uniqueness. I loved it and Tim always uses the best composer for the job too, my old pal Danny. I love this web site and iI love Tim Burton he can't come out with anything bad, He's to good. Johnny Depp never fails to amaze me either. Thats why he's been my favorite actor for as long as I can remember, I think it was when he started 21 jump street. Ta Ta for now heres my email to keep me updated on Tim.

Anonymous said...

Tim Burtin's film Corpse Bride is the best movie I've seen in a while!Thanks!I loved it so much!!
I love Tim's artisitic abilities!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought cb was a good film that you cannot compare with nmbc.Just because it is stop motion doesn't mean it will still give you the same feeling we all seem to enjoy on nightmare.nmbc was so ahead of its time that just now cb is catching up.And the comment about tim going downhill, i think you should listen to the music of the films and i believe that's where you find more of the flaw.
p.s. i heard tim might be making the superman movie???????

Moony said...

Personally I loved Corpse Bride. I mean, it is both romantic, goth and humourous. I don't see why Tim is going downhill. Tim has a great creativity and artistic abilities. I hope there will be more Tim-style stop-motion films in the future!


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