Friday, September 23, 2005

Corpse Bride on wide release now!

Tim Burton's second film of 2005 is now on release at theaters everywhere in the US and Canada! As if you needed any incentive to rush out and see the film, here's an article on the critical acclaim the film's been receiving.
Look for a review and box office news to appear on the Collective later this weekend.


Bill said...

I'm seeing it today. This is going to be a great film. I will enjoy it.

Valentina said...

I love Tim Burton's movies but The Corpse Wife doesn't come out until Octuber here, in Colombia :(

Miss Night said...


Anonymous said...

when is charlie and the chocolate factory dvd out in the uk?

Anonymous said...

I have just seen the movie and I thought that it was amazing. The animation is unbelievable. Go and see this movie as soon as possible!

Anonymous said...

Awww this movie is so awesome! Everyone should see it! i just saw it a half hour ago and it was great! The animation is so cool!

Caroline said...

It gets harder to wait..!

Jack said...

This movie is one of the greatest movies of all time, it has all of my favourite things mixed together, animation, a bit of sleepy hollow style, a little edward scissorhands, and of coarse darkness, its perfect.

CreepyLittleOddGirl said...

I Loved it! It's one of the most beautiful stories I have ever seen. What really struck me was the facial expressions of all the characters. Truly Amazing!

Anonymous said...

This movie was BEAUTIFUL! i cried all through this film and iw as still crying when i walked out it made me so happy inside it was well worth the wait!

Alisia said...

I m Italian girl...I hope see it as soon as possible in Italy...

like_jack_and_sally_ said...

I just saw it last night, what I loved the most was the songs! I can't stop singing! It was truly amazing and I can't wait to own it!...My friends hate me for making them go, hahaha! Everybody must see Tim Burton's Corpse Bride! By the by, I had to pay the kids in front of us (10 cents) to let us have the middle seats in the very back...;)

JacksApprentice said...

I just saw it today. It...was...SPECTACULAR. I'm serious, it's one of the best films I've ever seen! The charming characters, the plot, the poignant love story, the stunning music and cinematography and was a feast for the eyes and emotion. I was giddy with delight when I walked out of the theatre. It's surely one of Tim's FINEST. See it ASAP!

Anonymous said...

I totally saw it last night and it was AMAZING!!! I was in awe the whole time, and I do plan on seeing it again. If Tim Burton didnt look so creepy, I'd marry him for his film genius.

Bill said...

Most people think he's creepy, but he really isn't. If anyhing, it would have to be the hair that causes most people to think that. But there is nothing wrong with his hair either. Its just the way he is. I think its singnature Burton to look like that and I don't see anything wrong with Tim.

like_jack_and_sally_ said...

I completely agree, Bill. Tim Burton isn't creepy, he's original...and besides, anonymous, he's marride with child, silly! I can't wait to hear how much money Corpse Bride will make after wide release this weekend! Must...see...AGAIN!

Pudgeybunny said...

very cute, a friend or two cried, definately for younger kids, i adore burton and depp even more. ^_^

Morgan said...

the design and animation were gorgeous >0o0<, but the story seemed rather unelaborated and forced, as were the characters(oh man, the ____-looking stranger is ____!), which is unfortunate yet understandable, for such a short film. and there are just so many bad puns and visual death gags a person can take (stereotypical frenchmen? peter lorre as a maggot?) but this is a children's film, so on that level, it was quite smart. i just wish it had a little more...inventiveness in the songs and visuals (skeletons playing I think Tim was stretching himself too thinly between Charlie and Corpse. Both of these movies could have been absolutely phenomenal, with a bit more development and characterisation. Oh well. I'm still a fan.^^

DarkSxKitten27 said...

WOW!!! I loved the movie it was Amazing!!! Tim Burton is a Genius! I loved the Corpse Bride, Everyone has to watch it. It is so freakin AWSOME!!!!!! I LOVED IT !!! But i still think The Nightmare before Christmas is my favorite movie but Corpse Bride was one of the best films i have ever seen.

DarkSxKitten27 said...

oh yea and Johnny Depp is the BEST ACTOR in the WORLD and he was perfect for the part!!!!!!

halloween_on_christmas said...

when is corpse's bride hit cinema in the u.k?

Anonymous said...

OMG i saw this movie with all my freinds the day it came out at like 9:30 pm and it was so awesome that i think that even my least sensitive friend was crying-it takes a great movie to make my friends cry!:D

Anonymous said...

tim burton is cool he makes da gr8est films in da world luv ya man luv jenna

Anonymous said...

corpse bride comes to the the uk october 1. this friday!!!!!!!!!!!

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