Saturday, March 11, 2006

Corpse Bride wins prize!

Making up slightly for its recent loss at the Oscars, Corpse Bride just won the best feature film award at this year's British Animation Awards. You can read more about its win here!


Mariel. said...

At least it got some recognition...

Mz.Skellington (Leah) said...

Yesss!!!! w00t!!! This rocks its time to celebrate!

ManOfNothing said...

Huzzah!!! Corpse Bride wins a European Prize in front of Wallace and Gromit. Now the score is settled.

Anonymous said...

well, at least it was recognized for something...

Anonymous said...

yes! At least it won something. You see...I was very bitter toward the Oscars this year, cause non on his movies won turned it off.


Bill said...

I turned it off after Wallace and Gromit won. Can you blame me?

Anonymous said...

HUZZAH! The Brits know animation!

bonanza said...

I watched all of the Oscars cause even though I fumed the whole time about Corpse Bride and Charlie, I still REALLY wanted to see if Steven Speilberg won anything because he's cool too. Not as cool as Tim, but pretty close. I'm so glad it won something though.

Wombstar said...

Funny how a British movie wins in the Oscars but doesn't win the same CAT in its own country.
Goes to show that Us Brits know when with been beating, and have an eye for talent.. also shows the Hollywood Vs Burton is still going on.

sandoz said...

YES YES YES YES YES. i've been well pissed off and have said myself how annoyed i am at how corspe bride hasn't won anything seeing as it has soo much talent and patience put into it htem some stupid wallcie and gromit wins over them. it's annoying as they both had so much simmilar as they both where made the same old fashioned way, both had a voice of helena bonham carter and both where a family film and both came out around the same time god darn it. I'm glad tim and the crew have something to take home so they now know that people do actually aprechiate what they have done and like the movie. it must have been well depressing to see wallice and gromit win, i bet they gave up hope... when suddenly...... YAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh i'm soooooooo happy.WELLL DONE GUYS!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!! and i'm also very happy that gorillaz got an award for best video seeing as the artist jamie hewlett and his crew the zombie flesh eaters are amzingly talented and totally rock the house.

SANDOZ said...

GO ENGLAND!!!!!!!!

Eddie said...

I was so mad when it didn't win the Oscar but now I'm happy that it won some kind of award.

Eddie said...

Oh just so everyone knows I'm a girl not a boy. Eddie is my nickname. I don't really know why though. One day my friend came up to me and said he was going to give me a nickname and he picked Eddie.

Anonymous said...

Good. I don't see how it lost to Wallace and Gromit but... meh, this awards fine too. ;D

reemus said...


i really really liked the movie and cant believe it didnt win the bloody oscars! how frustrating it must be to take 10 years making it then....o-well, life
i loved the animation, i loved the movie

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, a "Poor you because you didn't win the last time" prize. I don't know why everyone is making a big deal that he didn't win anything at the oscars. He's a grown man and he's got plenty of other awards to snuggle with when he goes to bed. He's a well respected man so don't start crying if he doesn't get anything because I'm sure he's had it worse. Don't get me wrong, I am a Burton fan but even I know that I can't act all personal about. If I was Tim Burton, I would be slightly frightened by how personal some of the fans are.

bleedingonthefloor said...

I'm so happy this movie has finally goten the recognition it deserves! I love this movie not only b/c it is made by tim burton but also b/c the way the movie was set up. I love all the detail tim burton puts into all his movies.

Anonymous said...

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