Monday, August 01, 2005

CatCF box office update

According to estimates from Box Office Mojo, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dropped to number two at the North American box office this weekend, behind Wedding Crashers. However, it still earned around $16.4 million, boosting it's total box office to almost $150 million!


~~//\\Keekee//\\~~ said...


~~//\\Keekee//\\~~ said...

Hello there, i love Tim's films there amazing my fave is ED WOOD thats a really kool film. Johnny Depp is totally the right person to use in his films coz he's so ace. I think he just makes the whole Charlie and the chocolate fatcory great. He's just right for it and makes it better then i exspected it to be. And he has nnnnice teeth.

Jack said...

Johnny is probably the best actor as of now, look how many movies he's been in!

Anonymous said...

what happened to the site...did it shut down for repairs.

Anonymous said...

why has the site been broken?

Anonymous said...

just want to ask if anyone knows about Tim Burtons next film after Corpse Bride about a famous cross dresser starring Johnny Depp. It isn't Ed Wood. I read somewhere one day that Tim asked Johnny again to play a cross dresser and he agreed

Anonymous said...

e-mail me i am the anonymous above

Anonymous said...

how come the forum doesn't work?

Andrew said...

Just felt the need to point out to you folks who may not have caught it:

The Batman Anthology has finally been offically announced by Warner Bros. Check out the specs here:

Sorry this has nothing to do with Charlie. I really wanted to check the forum to see if anyone had already noted this, but evidently, the forum has been broken.

TBC said...

Sorry, posting a new news article at the Blog doesn't seem to be working right now, this is the news I was going to post:

"The Tim Burton Collective was down a few days due to an unexpected server change. We apologize all the users for the downtime. The forums aren't up yet, but they should be working again within a day or two.

While the forums are down, use the time to browse our other sections and explore the greatness that is the Tim Burton Collective.

At the box office, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory collected additional $11 million last weekend, boosting the total to $169.4M. The movie has now has a world wide gross of $236.7M.

Burton fans are lucky this year, as the next Burton feature is being released in just over 6 weeks. Stay tuned for more news reports and reviews of Corpse Bride."


Sir AP.

i heart sojh said...

yay! i hope it gets back up soon.

Anonymous said...

"just want to ask if anyone knows about Tim Burtons next film after Corpse Bride about a famous cross dresser starring Johnny Depp. It isn't Ed Wood. I read somewhere one day that Tim asked Johnny again to play a cross dresser and he agreed"

i dont meen to be mean, but after what you just said you are either a poser or just dumb.

sorry.....or are you joking?

Emily said...

I can't believe that Corpse Bride is less than 6 weeks! I can't wait! I LOVE TIM BURTON! I also LOVE his movies! From the previews I've seen of Corpse Bride it looks really sweet/killer!! I also agree that CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY was so much better than what other people are saying!! And $236.7 million is a lot of money! Especially if it has only been out for a few weeks! It isn't even been out of theaters yet! So they can still make more money than that! Which I hope, by when the movie is out of theaters, then I hope, they make more than $600 million. Because in the making they put in alot of money! I love all of his movies, so it would be really hard to pick which one I love. I'd have to say all of them. LOVE YA TIMOTHY WILLIAM BURTON!! P.S. For all the people who LOVE Tim Burton and for all those who don't know Tim's Birthday is August 25. SO A SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TIM BURTON AND ALL OF HIS HARD WORK HE PUT IN TO ALL OF HIS MOVIES AND TO HIS FANS!!!!!!!;)

brieboy said...

The forum isn't working, at least for me, so I figured I'd put this here, and hope it would be seen.

I just found out that Matthew McGrory, who played Karl in "Big Fish" died of 'natural causes'. He was 32. R.I.P.

Jack said...

Sad, I just watched that, he was like my favourite character,
he was actually that size wasn't he?

Emily said...

That was so sad that he died, he was a good actor! He was only 32 to.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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