Monday, February 25, 2013

Sparky on the Red Carpet - Art by Tim Burton

The Hollywood Reporter provided this drawing by Tim Burton of Frankenweenie's lead canine, Sparky, on the red carpet ceremony at last night's Oscars.


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These are great! Keep 'em coming! Oh, also wanted to let you know that the Beetlejuice cartoon series will be coming out for the FIRST TIME on DVD! :D Make sure to make a post about it! It comes out May 28, 2013!

Such a great series, I love all the episodes. I hope for the next Beetlejuice, if Tim makes another one, he will bring in Bettyjuice! That would be so great! It's really Beetlejuice in disguise as a girl, it's so funny like in the episode: Laugh of the Party, that was the first time she was aired. I could see great potential for Bettyjuice in the sequel. Also explore more of the netherworld, that would be great!

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