Monday, December 17, 2012

Tim Burton Art Exhibition in South Korea

From Korean Film Biz Zone:

"An exhibition of Tim BURTON's painting and art, who is famed for his unique vision, is going to take place in Korea for the first time. Hyundai Card Co., Ltd. decided to hold BURTON’s Art exhibition at the Seoul Museum of Art from December 12th to April 14th of next year as the ninth edition of their ‘Culture Project’.

"At the exhibition, not only the art world of BURTON, who directed Edward Scissorhands, Batman, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, Frankenweenie and many other films, but also around 700 pieces of his study work, paintings, drawings, photographs and models of characters in his films will be displayed.

"When the exhibition was first held in 2009 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the center of modern world art, 800,000 people visited there, which is the 3rd greatest record after ‘Pablo PICASSO’s Exhibition (1980)’ and ‘Henry MATISSE’s Exhibition (1992)’ among all the exhibitions ever held at MoMA.

"The exhibition will be co-hosted by Hyundaicard Co., Ltd., MoMA and the Seoul Museum of Art. This will be the first time that the exhibition is held in Asia. According to a representative of Hyundaicard Co., Ltd., the Seoul Museum of Art aggressively participated in the planning of the exhibition to make it distinctive compared with other editions held in other countries and they succeeded to bring newly created works from BURTON’s studio.

"The representative explained the meaning of the exhibition by saying, 'This will offer a chance to see the new aspect of Tim BURTON, who has stretched his own and unique imagination through films.'"

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bonclyde149150 said...

I hope the art exhibit returns to New York some year. I missed it the first time it was there and the other locations are far and away too expensive for me to reach.