Saturday, September 29, 2012

Elfman on "Frankenweenie" Soundtrack

The original soundtrack for the film, Frankenweenie, composed by Danny Elfman (his 15th collaboration with Tim Burton) is now available.

"It's something that takes me back to The Nightmare Before Christmas, which also had a very simple story," said Elfman to the Sacramento Bee. "It's very pure Tim and very uniquely Tim in that regard—the look and the feel of it and it's great to be able to frolic in that realm."

"Frankenweenie is very sweet but then there's this monster movie side of it that I really got to tap into my own roots as a life-long fan of that genre," said Elfman.

"There's a theme for Victor and his relationship with his dog and then there's actually a theme for Sparky himself," Elfman described. "Sparky's theme is more playful, as dogs are. Victor's theme is a little sadder because it's more about how much he loves and misses Sparky. It is ultimately a story about a boy and his dog and there's almost nothing purer than that."

You can order the soundtrack at

The album "Frankenweenie Unleashed!," which features 16 songs inspired by the film, is also now available.


deadhearts666 said...

Okay, I just bought the Frankenweenie Unleashed! Music From and Inspired By Frankenweenie cd. But I couldn't find the Frankenweenie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack in stores, the link on Amazon, it says it's an MP3 format. Do you know where I can just by the actual cd, not just the song download? I want to get the actual cd but I don't know if it's out yet or if it's only for download?? I'm not sure how this works. Please help! Thanks. :3

deadhearts666 said...

Listen to the Original Score here, it's so wonderful!: