Sunday, January 15, 2012

New "Frankenweenie" Image

The Los Angeles Times provides a new still from Frankenweenie, and some words from the director of animation, stop-motion extraordinaire Trey Thomas. Thomas spoke of the difficulties and ambitions of working on this stop-motion film.

"You'd think black-and-white would be forgiving because it's just shades of gray. But it isn't. It shows every little flaw," said Thomas, speaking at his East London office about the movie's monochrome aesthetic.

The LA Times wrote, "About 200 puppets were crafted for the film — including 16 Sparkys (eight dead, eight alive), 14 Victors and new oddball creations called E (short for Edgar) and Weird Girl, both of which are voiced by longtime Burton collaborator Catherine O'Hara." For Thomas, his guiding philosophy was honoring Burton's love of classic 1930s monster movies. "What we're trying to create is Universal horror plus," he said.


Jack said...

sort of getting a "Horton Hears A Who" vibe on Victors face :)
Love those dog ears.

deadhearts666 said...

What a great photo, it really captures the moment too. That is a lot of puppets but then again, there was like 400 or so Jacks heads in TNBC, Santa Claus' head has more than 50 different working parts...and it took like 100-some people in like 3 years to complete TNBC. Yeah, it had like 227 animated characters or something, it's crazy, but that's why it's so dazzling and wonderous to watch. So much time and effort was put into that movie. I hope that Frankenweenie will be just as delightful as the first full length stop-motion animation movie ever (TNBC). I like the kind of movies that people actually take the time to make and direct them specially time frame by time frame, just to get the right feel of the movie. It just makes a better movie and director if you ask me. It makes me appreciate the movie more knowing how much time and effort was brought to bring these characters to life.

Anonymous said...

It's adorable :)! I'm sure, the movie will be awesome!