Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Frankenweenie" Voice Cast Announced!

Tim Burton revisits some of his old ideas and collaborators. Not only is he finally making a feature-length version of his live-action short, Frankenweenie (and stop-motion, no less!), 26 years later, but his cast consists of actors that he has previously worked with.

Deadline.com has announced that Winona Ryder (Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands), Martin Landau (Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow), Catherine O'Hara (Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas), and Martin Short (Mars Attacks!) will be lending their voices to the animated film.

Ryder and Landau will play the characters of Elsa and Mr. Rzykruski, while O'Hara and Short will each play five supporting roles, including Victor's mom and dad.

Frankenweenie will be unleashed in theaters on March 9th, 2012.


deadhearts666 said...

Omgosh! That is awesome! I hope it's all true! That will be an awesome remake! I can't wait to see it now! xD

Vinegar Bottle said...

Revengefully remaking a film that had been hidden in the Disney vaults for a long time... it is going back to his own accomplishments from a long time ago. There seems to develop a tendency for historical self-reflection of his own works.
I am curious what this flick will feed upon. Veeery.

Matt said...



- Matty

Jack said...

this is so awesome.
come on johnny, be the voice for Victor :)

Anonymous said...

Shame Glenn Shadix couldn't be in it :( Although I really hope Tim works with Steve Buscemi again, he has an awesome voice!