Sunday, June 27, 2010

Burton Retrospective at LACMA in May 2011

The massive Tim Burton art retrospective will be coming to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The huge exhibition began in late 2009 at MoMA, and is currently in Melbourne. It will then move on to Toronto's Bell Light Box before coming to LACMA. The exhibition will be at LACMA from May 29th until October 31st, 2011.


Bill said...

I don't know if I can suggest a news story on here, but, I'm surprised you have not mentioned this:

Remember back in March when Tim was rumored to be directing a stop-motion version of The Adams Family? Well, despite Tim's reps dening this, saying that he hadn't "lined up any of his upcoming projects", executive producer Chris Meledandri recently said that the project is still in development, and that Burton is indeed the director he has in mind.

Just thought you ought to know.

Fuzzy Duck said...

Hi Bill,

I didn't mention it because there's nothing really new in this story, in terms of Tim Burton. Meledandri has indeed said that the project is moving forward (if only in the story phase), which is news. But Burton hasn't said that he will direct it. Studios attach directors to projects in the hopes that they will in fact direct it. But Burton's PR people have denied Burton's attachment to the project so far. Tim Burton is still merely in Meledandri's mind to direct this movie.

Bill said...

Fuzzy Duck,

I see. Perfectly understandable. Well, all we can do is hope, right?

By the way, in case you don't remember, I was a regular active member of leaving comments when I first stumbled into Tim Burton lore back in July of 2005. Lately, though, I seem to be posting less and less. Hopefully, that will change soon. I miss leaving comments here.

Take care,