Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Burton's Message to Australians

Tim Burton provided a very brief personal message to Australian fans. It looks like he might be coming down to Melbourne for his retrospective art exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in June 2010. Video from The Age.

This is the same comprehensive exhibition that will show at MoMA in New York City in November this year.

ACMI director Tony Sweeney said the venue was among only three in the world to host the exhibition.

"Burton's amazing catalogue of work, and his inspirational artistry has garnered him an international audience of fans and he has influenced a generation of young artists across the moving image art spectrum," said Sweeney.


Jack said...

Yep Timmy's coming to Melbourne to open the exhibit.

Anonymous said...

IM SOOOOO HAPPY!!!! I was soooo depressed when my mum said we couldn't afford to go to america :(
but now... and we were already going to melbourne in august!!! woot!!! thanx Timmy!!! what are the others places in the world.???

Oswald said...

That is GREAT news!!!

I am from Sydney and am currently in Los Angeles about to head over to East Coast to go to the MOMA Burton Exhibition!! Can't wait!! Now I get to go AGAIN back in Aus next year in Melb. So cool. This is great for Australian/New Zealand fans

Ruby said...

so so so so so so excited
you should have seen me when i found out i could go :)