Sunday, June 07, 2009

Limited Edition Expanded "Mars Attacks!" Score

There are less than 500 copies of this brand-new expanded rerelease of Danny Elfman's Mars Attacks! score! La-La Land Records has completely remastered all 74 minutes and 48 seconds of orchestral score from the film. The album contains linear notes by Dan Goldwasser and features comments from Elfman.

The price is $19.98, and units are going fast!

Special rerelease produced by MV Gerhard and remastered by James Nelson.

Click the La-La Land Records link to read more and hear some sample tracks.


Anonymous said...

how about a "Special Edition" DVD instead of this expanded score ;)

James said...

I believe your post to be most misleading. You stated that there were less than 500 copies of this cd implying that the limted edition number was 500 when in fact it is 3000.

Fuzzy Duck said...

I only stated that there are less than 500 copies remaining because that IS true. They have not updated their information. Yes, the starting number was 3,000, but there are much fewer now.

James said...

Thank you for the explanation. Thanks for letting us know about the cd as I now have one in my possession. BTW I hope we hear some news soon on the new Dark Shadows movie project.