Friday, July 15, 2005

CatCF now on release!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is now on release all across North America. Look for an exclusive review coming soon, as well as news updates on the film's box office and other developments as they happen!


Anonymous said...

I just saw it at 11:59 pm last night. Woot! First showing in the whole city.
This movie is hilarious and zany.
By far the best movie this summer...

littledarkangel said...

the movie was amazing, im still in shock. the acting was great, the music, the imagery. everything about this film was so awesome.

deppthinker said...

Sheer lunacy. Depp was delicious. Loved it. Still have a soft spot for the original, though. It's a nostalgia thing , you know.

Anonymous said...

it was fantastic! even better than i thought it would be! best movie this year so farby far!

Anonymous said...

Once again, Tim Burton has outdone himself. When the movie was over, nobody could move. It was perfection.

SirJtheGreat said...

Movie was gold, pure gold, but I wish Manson were in it.

SpankChapman said...

Oh how sweet it is... In Tim Burton’s latest undertaking, he returns to the world of big budget film making with his slightly modernized version of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The revived classic merges the unparalleled visionary work of director Tim Burton, with the combined talents of the beautiful Helena Bonham Carter, the ubiquitous Christopher Lee, Deep Roy, and the savory Johnny Depp. Not to mention, of course, all five of the kids, many of whom where first time actors.
CatCF can only be described as a trippy, triumphant tribute to a time long ago. A time of childhood innocence, a time filled with bright flashing lights of all colors and dancing midgets in foil suits. A time called the 60’s. Many of the most important scenes in the movie will make you wonder if your cola was spiked... but please, make no mistake, it’s all part of the funny, familiar, forgotten feeling of the slightly sinister facade of Willy Wonka. In this rendition the underlying sadness and utter insanity of Mr. Wonka is brought on by an unfilled childhood, then is represented with burning puppets and techno music.
All in all the hype was half the fun but the movie was filled with all the aspects of a great family film. My personal CatCF experience was enhanced with costumes, friends, and the consumption of all the Wonka (R) candy I could get my hands on.
Please, don’t take word of this totally biased review... go see for yourself. I guarantee it will be the most delectable movie you see this year.

a review by,
Spank Chapman

Brittani MacDonald said...

I was so ridiculously impressed with this movie, amazung, amazing, amazing, I think I'll go see it again tomorrow! Too funny as well!!

Anonymous said...

Prity Good Tim Burton

vincentvanghoul said...

I saw it three times today. It was everything I thought it would be and then some. I was so glad that it didn't fall into the P.C. trap, it really adhered to the spirit of Dahl. Tim is a genius as always. I really can't put it any better than the rest of you already have, so I'll just sum this up with one big ditto!

Anonymous said...

The only owner of a major food corporation gets in trouble by fierce competition, lays everybody off and hires new workers from the jungle. The new workers are "little" creatures (who will work for cocoa beans or peanuts... literally.
And this visionary yet "nearsighted" man finally got what he never had....a nice and warm family meal in a long, cold lonely winter. Hats off to Mr. Burton.

Anonymous said...

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