Friday, February 27, 2009

Burton on The Cure

Tim Burton with lead singer Robert Smith (AP Photo/Joel Ryan)

Tim Burton presented the Godlike Genius Award of the NME awards to the band The Cure on Feburary 25th.

Burton spoke very highly of the band.

"I could easily see really liking to do something, collaborate some time," he told BBC 6Music.

"I have been for so many years and they've been so inspirational to me, so it's a real honour to be here with them,” Burton said at an awards ceremony in London.

"Even though I've never worked with them, like I said, their music has always been inspirational to me so somewhere, in anything I've done.

"Always in the back of my mind it's probably rolling around there somewhere in my soul."

Lead singer Robert Smith
described the award as "an honor" stating that he was "very flattered, very surprised and very pleased to get it."


Arran said...

Finally, the separated at birth picture we've waited so long to see.

Fuzzy Duck said...

^Well put, Arran.