Sunday, July 06, 2008

Casting Rumors for "Alice in Wonderland"

As always, it is wise to be dubious of rumors online. But I couldn't help but point out these small tidbits of information regarding Tim Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland...

has stated that there is talk that Burton has finally cast his Alice.

On an "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" forum, a guest named Lexie stated the following:

"My brother is working on the movie and he said Alice has been cast. He is a music supervisor for the movie and said there will be a press release about it on July 9th. The role was originally supposed to be Evan Rachel Woods but she backed out. Alice won't be played by a child but a 23 year old. From what I was told it's her first Burton movie, and her first big role in a film that will be released world wide. Tim wanted to cast someone who could portray a child but could also capture the odities of the story. My brother told me that the girl playing Alice is wonderful and Tim picked her very quickly. Filming is supposed to start in July with a press release with the entire cast on July 9th! I do know the actresses name but I don't want to type it here incase there is some kind of rights against that until the press release."

On the same forum, another guest named Ian B made these remarks:

"i came across this thread being that im a huge fan of alice in wonderland. my best friends aunt is ryan nikole parkers manager and she is definitely alice. she signed on to the movie a few days ago. my bff said she just turned 24. you can find her myspace on some of the threads and her imdb."

There was talk that Burton was more interested in casting an unknown actress (which thankfully excludes Lindsay Lohan). So Evan Rachel Woods is likely not Alice, either. Ryan Nikole Parker, on the other hand, is barely known beyond Broadway, fitting the description of a relative "unknown" in the movie business.

Ryan Nikole Parker: Alice?

There is also talk on that there is already conceptual drawings for the look of the film (no production designer or art director has been announced yet).

However, there is reason to be cautious: while it is possible that the music of the upcoming film is being considered, already having a music supervisor on the team so early in pre-production seems unusual (the film is not even set for release until March 2010).

Nothing is official in Hollywood until the press release is made. But if the mention of an official press release on July 9th is the only truthful statement, then we only have a few days to look forward to finding out who will play the part of Alice, in addition to the rest of the crazy menagerie of characters in Wonderland.

Stay tuned, folks...


Jack said...

ah, i hope Danny does the music. I can see his tunes working well with an Alice theme.
Depp should play the mad hatter, ha ha, how kick ass would that be?

Fuzzy Duck said...

^I'm really looking forward to a new Elfman score from a Tim Burton film, too. "Corpse Bride" was one of his best, so I'm really eager to see what Elfman will deliver for both "Alice" and "Frankenweenie."

Depp would be hilarious as the Mad Hatter, but I'd like to see Depp and Burton take a break from one another (especially if "Dark Shadows" actually happens). Personally, I'd like to see Burton work with Catherine O'hara again.

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy Duck brings up a great point. I don't want to burn out on Depp- Burton Colaborations yet I think it would be absolutely "kick ass" for Depp to be the Mad Hatter. Talk about the perfect role! Ha!

Danny Elfman's score is also something I really am looking forward to, as I am a HUGE fan of his Edward Scissorhands album as well as his Pee Wee score. They are timeless.

Hopefully Burton lives up to his previous films, although I'm sure he will, as I am very excited for this movie (which is rumored to come out on my 16th birthday).

Bill said...

I actually planned an Alice in Wonderland film for Tim utilizing stop-motion, and also, I'd begun making casting decisions. The only person on my list for the role of the Cheshire Cat -- Jim Carrey. I certainly hope he ends up getting the part. Well, we'll just have to wait and see, won't we?

Also, for the role of the Mad Hatter, Paul Whitehouse (known by us Burton fans for his multiple roles in Corpse Bride) was my first and only choice. I also decided upon Tracey Ullman for the Queen of Hearts.

I, like all of us, will be waiting eagerly for the press release.

Jose said...

Vivien Cardone
is now 15, might be the real deal for Alice...
think about it!

Anonymous said...

i was hoping for evanna lynch (from the harry potter movies) as alice. she'd be perfect for the role. and yeah, mr depp would fit in perfect as the mad hatter. with a dash of elfman's magic on top? brilliant.

Jo said...

I wonder if maybe....just maybe, this girl just has a really good agent who started this whole rumor in order to promote their client. It just seems too weird. I know that Mr Burton often likes to use unknown actors, but usually they have something different about them. And she just seems kinda like the typical Hollywood blonde, not to mention the real Alice Liddel was a brunette. Of course, if this is all real, then she must be an amazing actress....

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Jo. Plus I'm sure Tim would like to keep the integrity of the original texts (ie cast someone at least 12-16). And though I love Johnny and know how chameleonic he can be in roles, I can imagine him being too much Willy Wonka. And people saying Martin Short - he suits it, but he's already played The Hatter before.

Jo said...

Tim Burton Casts His Alice
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
July 24, 2008

Tim Burton and Walt Disney Pictures are in final talks with Australian actress Mia Wasikowska to star in Alice in Wonderland, Burton's take on Lewis Carroll's classic fantasy novel, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The film, based on a script by Linda Woolverton (The Lion King), will be produced by longtime Burton collaborator Richard Zanuck, former Disney chairman Joe Roth and Jennifer and Suzanne Todd. It will be shot with live-action and performance-capture footage and presented in Disney Digital 3-D.

Wasikowska got her start on the Aussie series "All Saints" and is a regular on HBO's "In Treatment." She next will appear opposite Daniel Craig in Ed Zwick's war drama Defiance and just completed filming the role of a young Amelia Earhart fan in Mira Nair's biopic Amelia starring Hilary Swank.

Principal photography starts in November.

Anonymous said...